What is anti-vandalism in vancouver?

The Vancouver Police Department says they’re investigating a series of vandalism incidents on the city’s west side, including one incident that left a glazing company’s business destroyed.A man who identified himself as the owner of the firm’s building in the area said on Tuesday that a man broke into the business in the early morning […]

Which is better: The new or the old double glazing

The new double glazed coating in the modern world is a major improvement over the old technology.In a word, it is superior.And this article, The Modern Glazing: Why Are We Still Using It?, explains why.Let’s start with a look at why, in order to see whether the new technology is as good as it seems, […]

When your car is a little less sexy than a little bit sexy

by Kate GlazerSource Google NewsThis week, we’ve got a little tidbit of news about a new company called Automotive Glazing Putty.It seems that Automotive Glazing putties, is making a name for itself in the automotive industry with their putty products.Automotion glazing putsty is a superglazing material that can be used for various automotive applications.In this […]

How to fix the glazing of your home in an emergency

You’ve been told by the manufacturer that the glazed window has been an integral part of your house for decades, but what if the manufacturer has been lying to you?And what if you were to call the manufacturer?In this article, we’ll learn how to fix this, and other common home safety issues, with some of […]

Why you should buy double glazing from Hampshire

HAMPSHIRE, England — You’ve probably heard the phrase “dishwasher” and probably wondered why you should invest in an appliance that can be washed with two coats of dishwashing soap.You’ve also probably been told that double glaze is just too expensive, and that a more efficient system would be better.You can be forgiven for thinking that […]

How to avoid the most common glazing mistakes

If you have a new house, you might think you’re ready to jump into glazing.But the real problem is the type of glazing you need.There are two basic types of glazes that are most likely to cause problems: basic industries and glazing with “extended” or “non-extended glazing” (often referred to as “non glazing”).This article will […]

Which is the Best Laptop for the Price?

We’ll take a look at the best laptop for the price, as well as the best laptops for the money.Let’s take a closer look at what the best all-in-one laptops for 2017 look like.1.Laptop: Dell XPS 13 This is a fantastic all-rounder.It’s got the best battery life, the best screen, and a very decent GPU.There […]

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