How a man used a rubber sheet to build a giant silicone dome

By Lenny Denninger / 11 April 2017 08:45:23If you thought the idea of a dome was a little bit crazy, then you haven’t seen anything quite like the man behind it.

The man behind the giant dome in this video was called Richard C. Hahn.

He’s not just a local builder, he’s an internet celebrity, thanks to the incredible video he put up of himself building the dome in a garage.

In case you were wondering, it was a garage-sized space dome, which is just a fancy way of saying it was built by hand.

But, of course, Richard is more than just a builder.

His creations are some of the biggest in the world, and are designed to look like a giant rubber sheet.

Richard is building his huge dome in order to promote the idea that the sky is the limit, so he is building a whole bunch of stuff that looks like a massive dome, including an enormous rocket.

Richard says that his dome is meant to be a “world record” and that he has the plans for a billion-person dome, but if you want to build one yourself, Richard has the information.

Richard Hahn is a local artist and designer who is known for his dome.

He built the massive dome at his garage for the first time last year, and he says that he was inspired by the film “Gravity” which depicts the world’s most powerful rocket in a massive structure.

Richard says that the movie inspired him to build his own rocket, and that the dome was inspired from his experience with building a giant rocket.

“I had just built my own rocket and was looking for a new way to showcase my rocket,” Richard said.

“Then I came across ‘Gravity’.

It was a movie where they have a rocket launch site, and it’s just a huge rocket.

So I went to the movie and watched it again and thought, ‘This is exactly what I need’.”

Richard says he wanted to create a dome like that because he is in a place where the sky and the ground are very similar.

“It’s a natural place to start.

It’s a good place to make something like this,” he said.

Richard has also built several other huge structures, but this is the first one he has built that he actually built himself.

“This is the biggest dome I’ve ever built, but it’s also my biggest project,” Richard says.

Richard said he made the dome out of a rubber rubber sheet, and built it by hand using a lot of wood, nails, and lots of glue.

He said that his goal was to make the dome “world-record”.

“The dome is a monument to mankind, and to my city of San Diego, where I am from.

It is a giant monument to the beauty of San Diegans, to the power of our city, and a testament to the ingenuity of SanDiegans and their incredible people,” he told local ABC news.

Richard built his dome in the garage, where he had just put his huge rocket, which was about a foot in diameter, and an enormous ladder that he had to climb through.

Richard was also inspired by his family, who were the first to build and maintain a dome.

His mother, Susan Hahn, said that the idea for the dome came from her father.

“My dad told me that he built a giant dome for the kids to hang out on when he was a kid,” Susan said.

Susan and her father, Richard, started their family in 1954, when Richard was five years old.

Richard said that they had to build their own rocket as a child because they didn’t have the materials to build the rocket themselves.

“We had to go out to buy materials and he had no money.

He was a poor, illiterate man, and the kids had to do it all by themselves,” Susan Hannon said.

The dome Richard is using is a replica of the rocket used by the movie “Gordo” (below).

Richard says his plan was to build out a huge structure, which would be visible from the outside, and would be used to test rocket launches and other activities in the future.

He also wanted to build an area of the dome for people to hang around and hang out in, and for people with disabilities to come visit.

“As you can imagine, my family and I have many problems,” Richard told ABC News.

“People with disabilities are going to be the ones who are going through the most severe weather conditions, and I think we have a lot to learn from those people.”

Richard says there is a lot more he would like to build in the dome, such as an airport that would have a big screen for the public to come and visit.

Richard and his family have set up a website where you can find more information about the dome.

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