The Latest: ‘Degenerate’ New Hampshire House candidate wants to keep the ‘Degairstress’

New Hampshire Democrats are in a tight race for the House seat vacated by retiring Rep. Michael DeWine, but a new Democrat who is running as a contender for the seat wants to change that.

The new Democrat, Deborah Cagle, has pledged to eliminate “degenerate” window glaze and remove “decent” window glass and replace it with “compassionate” glass.

She also plans to end a ban on new commercial glass.

Cagle has spent the past few weeks courting voters in the heavily Democratic district.

In a recent television ad, she said she will bring back a ban in order to bring in a more diverse, inclusive and inclusive environment for the district.

“The time is right to stop the regressive, outdated, regressive and regressive glass,” she says in the ad, which is scheduled to air on New Hampshire’s PBS station.

“You know how it is in New Hampshire.

I’m the person who wants to bring our state back to being a place where people are able to have the conversation and where we can truly make the changes to our state that are needed to be in the best interest of our state.”

A spokeswoman for DeWines office said the lawmaker is committed to working with Democrats and independents to bring about an inclusive and welcoming environment for all in the district and the broader state.

“He is committed that we will ensure that the new district is an inclusive, welcoming, welcoming place for all people, including members of the LGBT community,” spokeswoman Emily DeMille said.

The Daughters of the American Revolution, a gay and lesbian advocacy group, has called on DeWiners office to remove the glass and to bring back the ban on commercial glass and have it reinstated in the Daughters’ home state.

In the ad on PBS, DeWiner says he supports the group’s stance on glass.

“We have to work to make sure that the next generation is able to be proud of who they are, who they love and who they serve,” he said in the video.

“That means being proud of the way they dress, the way their hair is, the color of their skin, their religion and their sexual orientation.”

I want to be able to wear the colors of my faith and of my race, the colors that I am, and be proud that I do that,” he added.

The ad was filmed in the town of Durham, New Hampshire, which DeWinners office has represented for years.

DeWineders office did not respond to a request for comment.

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