US warns of potential ‘disaster’ if China-led deal with Japan goes ahead

A US Department of Defense official warned that the Trump administration could be facing a potential “disaster” if the so-called “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (JCPOA) with Japan is signed and ratified by the US Congress.

“If this were to be ratified by Congress, we could be in for a disaster,” the official said.

“In a sense, we are not going to see the full effects of what is in the JCPOA, but we could potentially see a significant amount of the benefits from this agreement being lost because it’s not fully implemented,” he added.

“We could potentially lose a lot of those benefits, particularly in the manufacturing sector.” 

The US official, who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the JCPA talks, said that “there’s a risk” that “we would not be able to fully implement the full extent of the agreement”, given that it is currently being negotiated in Congress. 

“If we don’t get the JCEA ratified, and if it doesn’t go into effect, we’re going to be left with a situation where the benefits we’re seeing with Japan and China are very limited and it’s going to become very difficult to build the future we want,” he said. 

China and Japan have already signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on military and economic cooperation, with China aiming to increase its defense spending by 15 percent by 2030. 

However, the US has warned that a failure to ratify the JCAA, which would effectively ratify existing agreements with China, Japan and South Korea, would undermine the global security architecture. 

This was a ‘disastrous’ idea, a top defence official said The State Department official said that the failure to do so would be “catastrophic”, and that “this is not a good idea”.

“The only way this can be avoided is if the JCCA is ratified, or if Congress does it,” the US official said, adding that “if that happens, this would be a catastrophic idea”. 

The official added that he was “very concerned” about the failure of the JCMPA talks to ratify the Joint Comprehensive Plan (JCMPA) with China and Japan. 

In a letter to US President Donald Trump, the State Department warned that it was “gravely concerned” that the JCRPA negotiations could not be completed because of a lack of consensus among US allies on the JCLPA. 

 “The failure to reach a consensus among our partners on the Joint Combined Plan of Engagement (JCPE), which is a key pillar of our comprehensive military modernization, would be an important obstacle to our ability to achieve our shared defense goals,” the letter said.

The letter said that progress on the joint plan would “help to advance the military modernization agenda in the Asia Pacific region and to address China’s assertive moves in the region”.

“We believe the JCTA is a critical piece of the military strategy to support the joint effort to reduce and eventually eliminate the threat from China and other regional threats,” it said.

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