Plastic window glazers hit by ‘a tsunami of bad news’

A wave of bad reports is sweeping the industry and the Australian market, and consumers have taken to social media to express their frustrations.

The issue is the increasing use of plastic glass in the industry.

A recent survey by Glass Australia found half of glass-filling customers were in favour of a ban.

But a survey by industry body, the Glass Industry Association, found only 15 per cent of customers were aware of the law, and they were the most likely to complain.

The survey showed almost two thirds of glass salespeople and 55 per cent glass salesmen surveyed said they were currently using a glass cutter.

And only 13 per cent believed they had a reasonable use for the glass.

In one survey, half of consumers were aware that plastic is used in the manufacturing of the glass they buy, and another half were aware they used glass for other reasons.

But only two per cent knew they were not using the glass to make glass products, and the rest said they had no clear understanding of how plastic was used in glass.

A survey by the Australian Glass Association found a third of Australians said they did not understand the law.

And a new report from Australian Glass Australia says glass suppliers need to look at how the use of glass can impact on their customers.

They say consumers need to understand that there are environmental impacts when glass is used for industrial purposes and they need to be aware of those impacts.

Consumer advocate, Katherine Cramer, says the glass industry is going through a ‘tremendous crisis’ and is in the grip of a tsunami of misinformation.

“The glass industry has been hit by a tsunami,” she said.

“Glass companies have been inundated with bad news, and in the end, there are a lot of people who are not aware of that, or don’t know they are in the glass-industry.”

And so the whole industry needs to look a little more closely at how glass is being used and how it’s affecting our customers, our environment and our health.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the glass that we use is harmful and it needs to be managed properly.”

Glass is one of the most common ingredients used in all the glassware and tableware industries in Australia, and is used to make many products.

But consumer advocates say it’s not the only ingredient in the market.

They have called for a national ban on plastic glass, saying it is causing an increasing number of health issues in the Australian population.

But while glass is still a major component in the supply chain, most manufacturers are not taking action to reduce their use of the material.

The Glass Association says it’s difficult to know exactly how many people are using plastic for glass because the glass industries own the use-by-date (UL) system.

Consumers don’t see the dates on the plastic they buy.

But the industry says it does make sure to use the appropriate UL to ensure that the plastic is safe to use.

But there are still many unanswered questions about the use and impacts of plastic.

Consumers want more information about the impacts of using plastic in glass, and some companies have taken action.

A new company called The Glass Institute has taken the lead on providing answers to some of the biggest consumer questions around plastic in the industries supply chain.

Its new website offers answers to consumer inquiries on everything from the environmental impact of plastic to the health benefits of using glass.

The glass institute’s founder, Julie Lachapelle, says a ‘significant amount’ of the information it’s been collecting is about the health risks of using the material and the need to manage it.

But she says she also wants to help people understand the importance of using sustainable glass.

“There are many misconceptions about plastic and people don’t realise how important it is,” she says.

“And so it’s really important that people are aware that the health impacts associated with plastic are very real and very serious and we should be taking very, very seriously those concerns.”

In some cases people are actually trying to use glass as a form of plastic-free energy, as a replacement for oil, which is toxic, but is not.

And we have to be very clear about that.

“But the biggest issue, says consumer advocate, is that many consumers are unaware that plastic can be toxic.

“It’s a huge issue.” “

We’ve got to change that,” she tells ABC Radio.

“It’s a huge issue.”

The glass industry says its been working hard to educate consumers about the issues surrounding plastic and the health effects it can cause.

And it’s hoping to change those misconceptions.

Glass Australia is also launching a website to offer a guide to the different types of plastic and to offer consumers the information they need about the various glass products they use.

It also wants consumers to

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