‘We’re the first glass company to deliver glass that looks like you’: Glass company to launch Australian rollout of glazing glass

The first glass manufacturer in Australia to deliver glazing glasses to the market is setting up shop in Perth’s Huddersfields.

GlassGlazing is a Perth-based company, founded in 2009, which is building a range of glaze products that use recycled glass in its glass products.

The company has been manufacturing glass for more than 15 years, having established itself as the leader in the Australian glass industry through its production of glassware and glass products for local businesses.

“Glazing has never been a part of our lives and it’s always been a little bit of a mystery to us,” said Huddlersfield-based GlassGlazing’s director of operations, David McLean.

“It’s really a big challenge to us to know how to make it, but we think it’s going to be a really exciting place for us to be.”

The first batch of glassGlazing GlassGlaze, a glazing company that is taking its brand from the outdoors to the home, is being rolled out by Huddlerfield-headquartered GlassGlazer, which opened its first shop in February.

“We have some exciting developments coming up in terms of glass, the technology and the manufacturing technology,” he said.

“Our biggest challenge is sourcing materials from sustainable sources, which we’ve been able to do.”

McLean said GlassGlazers glass was made from recycled glass.

“Recycled glass is a very sustainable way of doing business.

There’s a lot of recyclable materials around,” he explained.”

In Australia, we have recycled glass that’s a sustainable way to make glass.”

Mr McLean said while the company had no plans to scale, the Perth-headquarter location would give the company the opportunity to expand its operations and expand its product range.

“From the logistics point of view, it’s quite important because we’ve got a huge base in Perth,” he confirmed.

“But we also have a big market here, and we think that this will help us to expand the company and grow the business.”

One of the things we’ve learnt is that when you’re in the space, you have to be very patient, because you have an incredible amount of customers.

“So we’ve had to make some decisions, like we can’t expand as fast as we could with our current location.”

And we’ll see how that goes, but I’m really looking forward to it.

“GlassGlazing GlassGlazed, an Australian glass company that has been building products for more 15 years.

GlassglazeGlassGlazed has the right location, the right environment, the expertise and the customers to scale and be successful in this space.”

At the end of the day, the only thing that we can really control is what we put in the product,” he added.

Mr Mclean said the company was looking forward and excited to expand in the future.”

What we’re going to focus on is building out a business, a brand and a business model that will be sustainable for the future,” he concluded.

GlassGLazing GlassGLazing’s glass products include a range for the home and a range to suit commercial and industrial applications.

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