How the glass industry changed 21st century glass

Today, glass is increasingly produced using a range of different techniques.

The result is that you can buy more, buy less, and sometimes even buy more than you ever dreamed of when you were a kid.

It’s been a massive revolution in the history of glass.

Today, the number of new glass manufacturers has nearly tripled.

But the history that has been written on glass in the past few decades has largely been written about the era of glazing.

A new book called The Glass Revolution: 21st Century Glass, will give you a look at how glass has evolved and how the industry is currently changing, and why we need to keep our eye on the ball this time. 

To understand the history and the current state of the industry, Recode has invited former Glass Institute director David Shanks to share his thoughts on the history, the future, and the future of glass and why it matters.

We also asked the author of the book, David Shank, to share some of his own insights into the history.

Here are a few excerpts from the conversation:Recode: Why should we care about the glass revolution today?

David Shanks: We’re living in the Glass Revolution of Glass.

That’s right, we’re living through the era when we see a lot of different things that are going on with the glass, including the way that glass is made.

And that is, in many ways, the glass of the future.

But we’re also seeing a lot more glazing in the form of a lot fewer glazing techniques and fewer materials, and more modern glass.

And the history is really interesting.

In the ’80s, when we were writing the book on glazing and glass, we actually thought of it as being a story of glaze and glass.

We saw glaze as this little bit of a cultural phenomenon.

So we thought that it was really interesting that glass was actually made of glass beads and that the beads themselves were made from glass.

And we thought the glaze was really very simple and that it wasn’t really a matter of trying to find something that would make glass look better and be stronger and look brighter and be more durable.

We thought it was all very simple.

But in the 21st-century glaze, you actually have a lot, you have a whole range of techniques, all of which are completely different from what we thought was going on in the ’70s, ’80.

And I think this is very important because it really changes the way in which we look at glazing today.

And so I think the glazing revolution of Glass is one of the most important developments in the world of glass in my opinion.

And it’s also a story about how glass is changing and the way it changes the world.

And so, the way we look and the glass that we make in the 20th century was actually kind of a continuation of the glazes that we used to make in a way.

And the glass in which that glaze is produced, the one that we use today, is much more of a contemporary material, because it’s produced with a modern process, in a different way.

It actually comes from China, it’s not made by a glass manufacturer from Japan.

And because of that, it has the potential to be more sustainable and to be better for the environment.

And I think that’s one of really exciting developments in glass in this century, because we’re finally seeing a glass industry in the global market that is more sustainable.

And there are many people in the glass and glass manufacturing world who are working on that.

So it’s really exciting, because that’s going to be a big shift in the way glass is going to look in the future and how we’re going to make it in the next 10, 20, 30 years.

Recode is on Snapchat, on Instagram, and on Twitter at Recode.

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