How to double glaze windows with latex window glaze

Get double glazed windows with this latex window dressing packers package. 

It contains:1.

A 2 oz latex window frame2.

A 4 oz latex sheet3.

A 6 oz latex screen4.

A 3.75 oz double glazier (6oz in one package)5.

A 1.5 oz latex sprayer6.

A 0.75oz double glazer bottle7.

A double glaster sprayer8.

A bottle of spray primer10.

A jar of spray-on double glazes12.

A spray bottle of double glAZERS (8oz in 2 packs)14. 

A bottle of latex spray primer (8 oz in 2 packages)16. 

3 spray cans (10oz in 4 packages)17. 

6 spray cans18. 

12 spray cans20. 

4 spray cans22. 

2 spray cans24. 

1 spray bottle25. 

TINY plastic bottles for making sprayer and glazer sprays26. 

5 spray cans27. 

Dry erase marker(s)28. 

PVC or other adhesive for marking edges29. 

Solder and solder joint30. 

Tools for painting,glazing and trimming windows32. 

Glazing sprayer33. 

Cleaning cloth34. 

Plastic bottle35. 

Rubber gloves36. 

Painters tape37. 

Spray gun38. 

Hot glue39. 

Bucket of paint40. 

Laser marker41. 

Paper towel42. 

Wax paper43. Sponge44. 

Waterproof mask45. 

Vacuum cleaner46. 

Blender or other immersion blender47. 

Masking brush48. 

Glass jar49. 

Small plastic bag50. 

Clothes dryer51. 

Stain remover52. 

Oil of lemon verbena(liquid detergent)53. 

Scrubbing pad54. Pencil55. 

Mixing bowl56. 

Wire brush57. 


Flip-top paintbrush59. 

Shower cap60. 

Tool for spraying water(optional)61. 

Window cover62. 






Fire extinguisher69. 

Hand sanitizer70. 

Inspector’s badge71. 

Microwave unit72. 

Metal bar 73. 

Microfiber towel74. 

Nail clipper75. 


Sand paper77. 

Box of masking tape78. 


Large spoon80. 


Aluminum foil82. 

Oval or round base 83. 

Extra-large bowl84. 

Icecream stick85. 

Ballpoint pen86. 

Electrical tape87. 

Clean cloth88. 

Air freshener89. 

Coat of arms90. 


Matte black spray paint92. 

White spray paint93. 

Brushless drill with screwdriver94. 

Bottle of acetone95. 


Eyeglass earrings97. 

Long-handled spoon 98. 

Hammer and screwdriver 99. 

Slotted spoon100. 

Roll of string101. 

K-Y Jelly100.$1,999.99 $1,499.99$1.99The $1.4 million price tag for this package is the largest single purchase order ever made by the company. 

The new edition of this product also includes:1) A 2oz latex window frames2) A 4oz latex sheet (5oz in the package)3) A 6oz latex screen (6.5oz)4) A 3-pack of double-glazing sprayers5) A 1-pack latex sprayener6) A bottle sprayer (2oz in a 4-pack)7) A jar sprayer(1oz in two packs)8) A spray-off sprayer9) A double-laser sprayer10) A 1-ounce latex spray bottle11) 6x 6x 6oz spray-coated double glozers12) 5x 5x 5oz sprayerbottles13) 3x 3x 3oz sprayers14) 2x 2x 2oz spray bottles15) 1x 1x 1oz spray bottle16) The $9.4k price tag is $8.9k over the current average for double-window glazing packages. 

If you need double-glass glazing for your home, then this package might be the right solution.

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