Which is the best double glazing in London?

Three years ago, Gregory Glazing Bar opened in the centre of London, where it is now the oldest glazing company in the country.

This year it has opened in a brand new, brand new building.

The two-storey building was built by London architects L&a, who wanted to give London a new look.

In a video released last week, the brand new shop features a glass counter and an open-plan kitchen and bar area.

It’s an ambitious vision, and we’re glad it’s come to fruition.

In this week’s interview, Gregorian’s founder, Graham, and director of marketing, Chris, tell us what made them decide to transform a derelict warehouse into a new glazing and lighting brand.

Read more: Gregorian is the latest project in the London glazing revival, and they’ve built a new, modern, modern space.

It looks amazing, with a glass-clad counter, an open floor plan and a glass wall between the two levels.

The new store is situated next to a glass panel shop, which is now owned by London designer, Paul Leung.

Read More: It’s also the first time Gregorian has ever used a new lighting technology called Direct Lighting.

This new lighting system takes advantage of the fact that people are not just staring at a wall, but they’re looking into the window as well, so they’re able to see the colour.

The lighting system was first demonstrated at the 2012 Glazing Expo in New York.

It takes a colour photo, which then converts into an LED light, which can be used to create a stunning effect.

In the video, Gregorians co-founder, Graham Glazing, explains the idea behind this new technology, and explains why they’ve decided to use Direct Lighting in their shop.

“The whole thing is really about making sure we don’t lose the old feel of the glazing,” he says.

“And I think the best way to do that is with a new type of lighting, and so Direct Lighting was the right choice.”

Direct Lighting is a colour photography technique, which combines the use of multiple cameras with a single lens.

When a light source comes into contact with the film, it causes a change in the colour of the light, causing it to turn red.

This allows the camera to capture the change in colour and then combine it with a white light to create an image that looks as though it was captured by a laser.

This technique can be applied to virtually any subject.

It was pioneered in Hollywood, and was first used on the set of Jurassic Park.

“I have always loved the idea of making it look like the dinosaur was really alive,” says Graham Glaze.

“So I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to try and capture that, but also give it a more modern look.”

The glazing is constructed in two layers, with the upper part being a white glass layer and the lower part being covered with a green glass layer.

The grey walls on the bottom of the building also give a modern touch to the interior.

There’s a huge glass window at the front of the shop, and a huge, glass-covered table and bar, which are surrounded by a glass canopy.

All of this is topped with a red curtain, which will allow you to enjoy a lovely, warm night’s sleep.

You can see a more detailed video of the design process and the design of the new glaze below: The kitchen and Bar Graham says that the design has taken a lot of time, but it’s important that it’s done right.

“There’s so much colour that you have to have, so you have the right amount of light and you need to give it the right light,” he explains.

“If you don’t do that, then it’s just going to look a bit washed out.

We wanted to create the best glazing that we could possibly achieve.

We’re very conscious of the materials that we’re using, and the way in which we’re building it.”

When the design is finished, the shop will open for business, and Graham says the customers will be treated to a spectacular design and a special experience.

“We’ll give them a real treat,” he smiles.

“It’ll be a real good day for us, and it’ll be the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.”

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