How to make a new kind of glazing for the next-gen home theater

A new kind is emerging for home theater fans: glazing.

In a recent article in Popular Science, a company called Pioneer Glazing made an ambitious statement about how home theater should look.

They’ve built a system that allows for transparent glazing that can be installed in any home theater.

The company is calling this new way of glaze the “Glazing for The Future” system, and they say it can be used in most homes by 2019.

They describe it as a new, more advanced way to achieve home theater design.

The Pioneer Glaze System: Glazing for A New Generation of Home Theater Users This system is based on technology called polychromatic reflective glass, or POLGA, which is a high-quality glass that can absorb light from the backlit sides of an LED screen, as well as from the front and back of the projector.

Pioneer has already started using POLGA to create a translucent transparent glaze that can allow light from any source to reach your speakers and other components in your home theater, without having to bend or distort the light source in your room.

When it comes to glazing in your living room, Pioneer recommends using POLKA glass that is up to 20 percent transparent.

Pioneer says its POLKA is designed to work in a range of materials and finishes, and it can easily be installed into your existing home theater system.

Pioneer also says it has a “pioneering” technology called POLKA+ that lets the system do even more.

Pioneer claims that it can create a “transparent glaze” that reflects as much light as an LCD screen.

And it’s designed to let you use POLKA with any color LED lighting in your space.

Pioneer is promising that this transparent glazed material will last up to 100,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

And Pioneer says it’s already made a number of refinements to the POLKA system, including an increase in the reflective quality of the POLGA glass to make it more effective at absorbing light.

Pioneer’s POLKA Glaze is designed for transparent surfaces that reflect as much as 100,00 percent of light in a 3D display.

It is more reflective than LCD screens.

But Pioneer says this transparent glass can also be installed on any transparent surface that is reflective enough to absorb the light of a projector, like the back of a speaker, or any other surface that the POLKEA glass is up against.

In the video above, Pioneer says that the transparent glass is also very reflective.

And when Pioneer uses POLKA, it adds a small layer of transparent coating to the edge of the glass, which helps to give the glass a glossy look.

In addition to POLGA for the new glass, Pioneer has designed a new glass called POLKLEA, which looks like a regular glass that doesn’t have a layer of POLKA but instead has a layer that absorbs most of the light.

It can be applied to any transparent surfaces, like those that come with an existing POLKA.

Pioneer offers a special POLKA+.

The POLKA+, is an upgraded version of the same glass.

This glass will reflect up to 95 percent of the visible light that is coming into your room, but it also has a special layer of the transparent POLKA that absorbs even more of the incoming light.

But unlike POLKA’s POLKlea, Pioneer’s new POLKLA+ is not only transparent, but transparent glass.

And unlike POLKla, Pioneer also has designed it with the same POLKA material, but in a completely new color.

It’s called “Pioneer Gold.”

In Pioneer’s video, you can see a transparent transparent POLKKA+ in action, which appears a bit like the transparent, transparent POLKEAs glass on a regular POLKA screen.

This transparent POLKa+ is designed so that the entire screen of the Pioneer glazing system can absorb all of the ambient light coming into the room.

So when you’re not in the room, you won’t see any visible light from your lights and your speakers.

But when you do get in, the glass is so reflective that even when you turn on a projector or other source in the system, the screen will still reflect back light that the screen itself absorbed.

The result is that the glass can still reflect light from most of your LEDs and speakers, even if the room is dark.

Pioneer suggests that you should be able to use POLKka+ with a normal POLKA display for the first few years of your home theatre system.

But as the year rolls on, Pioneer expects to see more and more consumers using POLKKa for their own home theater systems.

Pioneer describes the new POLKA glaze as a more advanced, more reflective, transparent, and more flexible glaze than POLKA-A, so it’s easy to install and can be easily installed on other transparent surfaces in your house.

Pioneer GLazes can be customized to your exact specifications.

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