London-based restaurateur to reopen bar with ‘socially acceptable’ beer, wine and spirits

LONDON — New restaurant operator, restaurateur, restaurateurs group and wine and spirit bar operator are hoping to open their own restaurants in London in the coming months.

Alukap Glazing Bars, which opened its first location in London’s trendy Southbank neighborhood earlier this month, is the latest restaurant group to jump on the London beer and wine scene.

“It’s definitely something that we’ve been working on for a while, and we’re very excited to be able to do this in the city,” said Alukap owner Ben Alukapp, adding that his restaurant will open by March.

The restaurant will serve beers from around the world, with a focus on American and German beers.

In addition to beer, the restaurant will have a range of wines and spirits from local producers.

Alukapp said he hopes the London location will serve as a gateway to a wider international clientele, but the restaurants location has not been finalized.

He said the London venue will open to the public in March, with the bar’s menu of beers, wines and cocktails to be revealed in the weeks to come.

“It will be a space where we will have our own menu of things, and it will be open to our international customers, but we will also be open for our local customers,” he said.

While the restaurant does not have a name yet, Alukaps London bar has been called the “sociable” one, with guests welcome to enjoy drinks and conversation.

Bar manager and restaurant manager Chris Kuehne said he was very excited about the opening of Alukapt’s bar.

“I think it’s a good thing for London to have a new concept,” Kuehn said.

“The London environment has a lot of culture and people are open to a lot different kinds of food.

So it’s going to be a nice thing to bring that with us.”

The London location of Aluka Glazing Bar will be operated by Alukasp Bars Ltd., a company owned by the Alukar family.

Aluka Glazed Bars was founded by two brothers in 2014.

It is located at 8-20 West St., Southbank, London SW2 1AA.

For more information, visit

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