When does it get dark? — A new trend?

The last time we saw the sun rise was the last time it was 100 degrees outside.

There’s a reason it takes so long for the sky to light up: It’s the polar vortex, and it’s keeping the Earth’s atmosphere from turning to ice, which would help keep the planet cool.

But it’s still the case that it’s impossible to go out and buy a telescope and see the sun.

This year is a different story.

It’s been about three weeks since the polar air started to break up.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been seeing some amazing sunsets.

The last one happened on Saturday, May 24, the same day that a record-setting sunspot cycle set off a major snowstorm.

The new sunspot record is now 7,200, and the previous record was 7,100.

But the most amazing thing happened Saturday.

The sun broke through a layer of dust left over from the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, a volcano on the Philippines island of Mindanao.

In the middle of the cloud tops were patches of sunlit sky.

The air was so clear, the clouds were practically translucent, and even the clouds themselves were shining.

As the sun set over Mindanaa, a small patch of clouds was visible above the horizon.

That’s because the dust clouds were forming on the surface of the sun, just as it does in the polar regions.

This was the first time a cloud had formed on the sun in over four decades.

And this was the second time a full moon had been seen on the moon in four decades, a record that’s set to be broken in 2024.

There have been other records broken on the solar system’s surface, too.

The record for the largest moonrise was set in 1969, and there have been dozens of eclipses in the solar systems history.

But none of them are as remarkable as what we’re seeing this week, said NASA’s Jennifer Francis.

It was a record, she said, that has been broken more times than any other.

For those who missed it, the sun is still shining, and if you’re out in the sun it’s not really that bad.

It gets pretty dark in the morning, though, so don’t be tempted to put on your shades.

Just get out and enjoy the view.

The moon will rise, and you can expect the sun to appear to rise.

But that’s not the most important thing, said Francis.

You can still enjoy the stars.

The stars will be there too.

But just remember that there are some special conditions that you need to be aware of when the sun sets.

You’ll see them on Saturday when it reaches its closest point to Earth, which is about 5,800 kilometers (3,500 miles) from the sun’s surface.

As it does so, the solar wind will blow across the sky and you’ll be able to see the faint stars that are only visible from a certain location in the sky.

Those stars are called “supernovae,” and they’re created when charged particles from the solar winds blow toward Earth.

Those particles can’t be seen from the ground because they’re so small.

But when they’re in the atmosphere, they cause a shock wave and light up the night sky.

And when they get closer to Earth they start glowing with ultraviolet light, a very bright light.

If you have a telescope, the stars will become visible at night.

So it’s important to be observant and see them when the starlight is brightest.

The next time you’re going to see a full Moon, try to watch the sunset.

That’ll help you get used to the change in the direction the moon is going.

As you look out at the sunset, it’ll be like a mirage of stars.

You don’t really have to go to the stars, because the moon will be behind the horizon for most of the time.

But there will be times when you’ll see the moon rising high in the east and then setting high in a westward direction, which will make it look as though the sun has moved eastward, Francis said.

You might be able even to see it on a clear night with a telescope.

But if the sky is clear and you’re not looking straight down, you might need to look toward the east or west to find it.

The final thing you need in your backyard is a backyard telescope.

It might be an old, out-of-date telescope, but it will provide a better view of the stars if you bring it along.

The best way to bring a new telescope into your backyard will be to go into your garage and grab a cheap telescope.

You won’t need any fancy tools to do it.

Just a few simple tools and a good pair of binoculars.

Then you can start getting a good night’s sleep, since the telescope

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