How to fix the greenhouse glaze leak

As you may have heard, some of the air conditioning systems in your home have a faulty part that can leak methane.It’s the same problem that led to the leak of methane gas in one of the houses in California that caused a massive fire in July, and which led to some of those residents […]

‘We’re the first glass company to deliver glass that looks like you’: Glass company to launch Australian rollout of glazing glass

The first glass manufacturer in Australia to deliver glazing glasses to the market is setting up shop in Perth’s Huddersfields.GlassGlazing is a Perth-based company, founded in 2009, which is building a range of glaze products that use recycled glass in its glass products.The company has been manufacturing glass for more than 15 years, having established […]

‘Wondering if we’re still the same’ as Wales? You might be surprised to learn we’re not as different as we once were

Welshman Andrew Thompson, who was the first person in Britain to become a full-time member of the Irish Republican Army, told The Verge that while he had been surprised by the news, he was also grateful for the “awakening” and “positive response” he has received from fellow members of the community in his native country.“I’m […]

What is glazing?

We know it’s not cheap, but what is glaze?Glaze is the hard surface that covers your windows.If you are looking for a glazing, there are many brands, but most of them use a combination of waxes, waxes or varnishes, depending on what your window needs.You can get your windows glazed in many different ways, and […]

What you need to know about glass putty

Glass putty is a cheap substitute for cement that has a much better resistance to moisture and corrosion.But how does it work?We explain.Al Jazeera English:Glass putty contains a mixture of a chemical compound called dibenzoylmethane, which is used in many cement and concrete products.It’s also used in glass, a mineral and the glue that holds […]

How the glass industry changed 21st century glass

Today, glass is increasingly produced using a range of different techniques.The result is that you can buy more, buy less, and sometimes even buy more than you ever dreamed of when you were a kid.It’s been a massive revolution in the history of glass.Today, the number of new glass manufacturers has nearly tripled.But the history […]

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